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Equine Foundational Therapy Courses

What I'll be teaching y'all is called Equine Foundational Therapy. It's a culmination of the "highlight reel" of what I have learned via online courses, in person courses, books, real life, and as an instructor for Holistic HorseWorks, LLC from 2019-2022.

 I'll be teaching you, in plain and simple terms, how to Evaluate your horse visually and physically. How we can address what we've discovered using techniques that are akin to Joint Mobilization and Trigger Point Stretches, not chiropractic manipulation, although things tend to go where needed without thrusting forces in the process. I'll also be teaching you some basic but highly effective Craniosacral and Myofascial Release techniques, stretches, and core exercises to get your horse unwound from man-made compensations and/or injury and built back up correctly. We'll also be going over your horse's basic blueprint of nutrition and a concept know as Remove, Replenish, Restore. We will also discuss the importance of saddle fitting, dentistry, farrier or barefoot trimmer balance, and a balanced fit rider.

Bonuses include how to give your horse a magnesium soak to relax the muscles and how to select and apply essential oils and hot towel compresses to their spine aka Spa Day. 

*I am not a veterinarian or chiropractor. I am a Certified Holistic Equine Bodywork Practitioner and Instructor. I see myself as someone who can fill in a few gaps and bridge the communication if needed.*

I’m so glad you’re here and if there’s anything I can do to help support you in this learning process of helping your horse to feel and perform optimally, don’t hesitate to ask!

God Bless and Happy Healing!

 Online Home Study and In-Person Courses...

Coming Soon!

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